Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bigger Better Things... I hope

Hello All... I've got news, sort of

Today I applied to Library School. I've been in my current position for over 4 years. I took this job knowing I was overqualified but wanting it to be a stepping stone. I work for a very large organization with lots of room for upward mobility. I have tried and tried and tried to get promoted but have been unsuccessful. On the weekends I work at the public library and I enjoy that for the most part although it has its fair share of headaches. I had been considering a Masters degree in Library Science for a very very long time, basically since I got my B.A. way back in 2006.
I had been waiting until I was in a position where my employer would pay for the degree but I'm tired of waiting. In general, I life, I'm tired of waiting. I want progress in my life and I cant expect anybody else to give it to me. I need to be proactive.

Getting the degree doesn't mean I'll automatically get my dream job. Libraries have suffered from the government budget crisis like other departments or worse and I've also read some stuff about whether libraries are even relevant anymore in the era of e-books and what not. Actually I think libraries will evolve and expand their digital offerings. I think this could potentially be a good thing for me. I'm also a little worried because I know some people who already have the masters degree but are still in positions subordinate to librarians. I guess I'll never know how it will turn out unless I try. It is an online program and I will continue to work full time (and then some) while I complete the degree ( if I get accepted that is). I could potentially start in January 2012....

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