Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Pup is a Teen... eeekk!

Hello Friends... Today I'm going to share with you the story of how my bestie fur baby came into my life. You see, It was labor day weekend 14, yes 14! years ago.

But wait, first lets back track to 1995, actually make that 94 or earlier. When I was growing up my parents rented. Therefore I couldn't have a dog. I wanted a dog SO SO bad and apparently this encouraged my parents to buy a home, bless their hearts!
I got my first fur baby in 1995. She was fab! She was a Chow/German Shepard mix and I named her Cookie. I was an 8th grader and I thought it was totally original. We were besties, being a pet parent was so fulfilling! We went on walks all the time, I taught her some tricks it was all good. Fast forward 2.5 years and the bitch dies! WTF? Out of nowhere! Its still a mystery to me what happened to her but at the time it was devastating! I was not home when it happened and my parents told me she ran away. I was sure she'd be back and put out her food and water bowls in the front yard and slept in the living room instead of my bedroom anticipating her arrival after a rebellious night away from home.
Well the next day my parents told me the truth and it sucked. I was grieving. I don't remember how long went by maybe a few weeks, definitely no more than 2 months until my new bestie showed up at my house.

Several people who knew of my loss tried giving me another dog. I wasn't ready. Some friends came by one day carrying a little mangy mutt who needed a home. I tried turning them down since I was still grieving. My dad happened to be in the garage and witnessed this, so he came out and said we'd keep her. I protested, but she stayed and of course she grew on me. I have a horrible memory but this super significant day in my life is quite vivid. I'm not sure if it was a Saturday or Sunday but I do remember it was labor day weekend. I was starting my Jr. year in high school and a friend called me to go out. I said no because I was going to stay home with my new pup. I was resistant but maybe I was turning down other dogs because she was meant to be mine.

She is so loving and loyal. I'm so fortunate to have had her in my life for so long and that she is still pretty healthy considering her age. I take good care of her and will do whatever it takes to keep her around for as long as possible. Just looking at her gorgeous face comforts me when I'm sad. When there's fireworks and she's scared I try to comfort her. Some people may think I'm crazy because I rearrange my schedule to take care of her. If my parents leave town I will make sure I'm around. If I plan to leave town I will make sure they are around. I will be out of town this labor day weekend but since I don't know her actual birthday this weekend is very special to me. I'll bring her back a special treat from Chicago.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Boob Tube Babble and Happy Friday

Happy Friday Everybody! I can't wait to leave the office today... I don't have much going on this weekend. Tomorrow I'll be working and Sunday I'm going to a Dodger game with a friend, aside from that I look forward to spending quality time with BF. Often life gets so busy that we don't see each other as much as I'd like or if we do see each other its among other people or I'm hanging out with him while he's busy with random stuff, this girl needs more attention!

I'll have him all to myself next week when we go to Chicago so I wont be so needy this weekend.

Anywho on the Boob Tube portion of this post.

I'm dedicating this post to Leslie Knope. That's Amy Poehler's character in Parks and Recreation and I just love that show. I became interested in the show via Netflix streaming and have seen all the episodes of Season 1-2. I just saw the last episode on my iPhone during my lunch break. Season 3 will be available on DVD Sept 6th, so I'll do my best to catch up before Season 4 debuts on NBC in about a month.

I LOOOVE this show, I think Amy Poehler is ridiculously funny in this role and the rest of the cast are all such quirky characters that work so well together to make this an interesting, entertaining story. Ron Swanson, Tom Haverford, April Ludgate and the others are all so different but manage to get along well enough and get into some LOL worthy situations.

I'm eager to find out how the City of Pawnee gets themselves out of the budget crisis and how Rob Lowe and the other auditor stick around for the whole next season.
By The Way, one of the things on my to do list for Chicago is check out Second City comedy club where Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and some others attended training before they made it big.

BTW part 2 - Aziz Ansari is in the movie 30 minutes or less in theaters now also with Nick Swardson (MY absolute FAVE comedian of all time), Jesse Eisenberg and that dude from Eastbound & Down... BF and I saw it last week and I definitely recommend it.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Man Candy Monday: Paul Rudd

Morning Blog Peeps, I've been a total slacker on the Man Candy but I'm participating today

This weeks selected stud is: Paul Rudd

He gets bonus points for not only being HOT, but also funny and in some of my fave movies like Anchorman, 40 year old virgin, Reno 911, Role Models and I especially like his character in Knocked Up (btw through my Man Candy research I just learned that there will be a spin off of Knocked Up in 2012 *yay*)

His breakout role apparently was Clueless, a movie I loved as a Teen, I also thought he was great in Friends only recently I watched one of his earlier films Wet Hot American Summer and that was also great. He does more than just comedy and appeared in a film adaptation of one of my favorite books, The Great Gatsby.

He was born in New Jersey, raised in Kansas and went to college there. He is married with two kids and lives in New York. Now, enjoy the images...

div>*Images via google

Funny Man Candy ~ Take 2

Since our gracious host of this linkup beat me to the punch on Paul Rudd, I'm composing a spur of the moment, alternate man candy post.

I decided to keep to the theme of FUNNY man candy because to me, ability to make me laugh trumps boyish good looks any day. Vince Vaughn has been in some great films and actually has appeared in Anchorman just like my original man candy subject Paul Rudd.

My other favorites with Vince include Wedding Crashers (which was on last night and inspired this here post), The Break Up, Fred Claus, Four Christmases and The Dilemma.

Vince Vaughn grew up in Illinois and struggled at the beginning of his acting career in LA, his first movie was Rudy but his breakout role is in Swingers. Eventually he became part of the "Frat Pack" which includes the Wilson brothers, Will Ferrell, and Ben Stiller among other funny guys according to wikipedia...

Anywho... Vaugn dated Jennifer Aniston after they co-starred in The Breakup but eventually Broke Up.

Now he is married with a child and lives in Chicago. Hopefully he has some more funny films in the works.
*Images via google

Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's OK Thursday

Good Morning All... This is what I'm thinking its OK, this week:

~It's OK if I have 4 hotels booked for my upcoming trip to Chicago, I like to have

~ It's OK that I have a crush on Adam Richman, I'd like to be cheering him on at one of those Man vs. Food challenges

~ It's OK that I'm not even half as excited for the Sade concert tomorrow than most people I know, yes her music is good but geez she's not the second coming

~ It's OK that I'm *old at heart*, what? I like to sleep!

... Thats all for now

Friday, August 5, 2011

Isn't she lovely?!!

I heart the spa

Greetings all... I haven't written in a while because I hadn't had anything interesting to share

But this weekend I've got something fab to look forward to. I'm a HUGE spa fan, I wish I could afford to go more often but I can't. I've been working alot lately so tomorrow I'm going to treat myself to a facial and "Coppertino Bath Experience" which I'm hoping is like hydrotherapy because I did that once and it was awesome! I'm going to Le Petite Retreat here in LA which claims to be one of the city's best.
It sure does look the part, so I'm hoping to be impressed.

*pic via

I'm planning on getting there early and taking my sweet time lounging around to ensure I get the most out of this experience. My skin has been acting up lately so I'm hoping this facial whips it back into shape.

Today however is my precious pup's day to be pampered. I will be dropping her off for a bath at Petsmart after work. She is a regular there and they love her. I love that they love her and she seems to like getting groomed, so I splurge on that regularly.

The rest of my weekend is open and I will see what it brings, perhaps some reading or movie watching or BBQing with the family.

Oh last week was BFs Bday and I didn't buy him anything yet, so maybe we will go shopping for him.