Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Recent Scores

Happy HUmp DAy

I didn't make it to the mall or any stores this weekend as I'm still trying to play catch up with schoolwork and was glued to the computer Friday and Saturday nights.
I also ended up working a shift at the library on Saturday afternoon. I did cut my hair though, LOTS of it. I like to keep it at least long enough to put in a ponytail but I may have gone too far this time. It's super short but I do like it... this just means I have to flat iron it more often.
In fact, I may just be in the market for a new, thinner flat iron.

So I did make up for not shopping IRL by doing some online shopping.
I'm finally getting around to using some birthday and Christmas gift cards. (my Bday is late October)

Here's some of what I've picked up lately:

I realized I needed a new camera waaay back in September when I was in Chicago and my pics were lamesauce. Finally bought one in early February but I still haven't taken it out of the box.

OH wait, I did go to the mall Friday... I saw a great blazer at F21 but they didn't have my size.
I ordered this one online, hopefully I like it as much since its not the exact same style number.
I've been wanting a navy blazer for a long time.

I also ordered a navy skirt and a couple head scarves from F21 but couldn't find online one in leopard print and another in stripes

From Old Navy I got this scarf... I've been wanting to add something yellow to my wardrobe.

and this chambray shirt

aaand this dress, so colorful... I only hope its flattering

I'm trying the quilted and chain link trends with this purse.
Its nice and roomy and I'm pleased with the purchase.

And some other randoms... including a couple posters and a new license plate frame for my car

All this stuff I've purchased with giftcards or charged to BF's credit card per his request since he hadn't gotten me Bday or Xmas gifts

BTW I when online shopping I always go through ebates:

Its SUPER awesome to find coupon codes to save money and also get bonuses for shopping. I've been using it for a year now and every few months get a check in the mail.

I'm still searching for some classic and comfy ballet flats in a tan or nude shade.
I'm ready for spring! Actually I'm ready for SUMMER, I'll get a break from school at that point.
I'm OK with losing an hour this weekend because it means hopefully it wont be dark when I get home from work from now on!

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