Monday, July 11, 2011

I come here for knowledge, not to frolick!

Let me tell you, the central library in downtown LA is a very interesting place to work. This is not your typical library and the characters that come through there are... hmmm eccentric, odd, well, you'll get the idea as I fill you in on my adventures at the circulation desk.

We have alot of regulars. Sometimes people feel the need to chat with us clerks. This Saturday one such regular comes up to the desk and starts sharing with us how another male patron was trying to lure him into the bathroom and he says to us "I come here for knowledge, not to frolick... I do that at home". WOW I thought, that's a great quote. And off he goes, with his books, to get knowledge.

But honestly, people do these things at the library. It's a great place but its a public place so you can encounter some wierdos.

Last week as I was exiting after closing, a guy (I'd say twenty-something) wearing shorts like something Suzanne Somers would wear on a thighmaster commercial and a tank top was walking in. So I said its closed, and he says "DAMN, I wanted some fucking Panda!" (There is a Panda Express in the Library) He turns around to exit and adds "And I got kicked out of the wedding too, whatever, I'll go to Famima."

This last one, I couldn't help but just laugh and laugh after I'd heard it. I was helping a family with their books. The parents and 2 boys (looked like twins) maybe 4-ish were at my desk while a woman was with her kids were a few stations over, well her baby was screaming bloody murder!! I kid you not, he was crying like he was being tortured. So one of the boys at my station is quite annoyed by this and says "UGh what's that?" His mom says: "its a baby crying" to which he replies "I hate that baby!" As I'm typing this, I realize it doesn't seem all that funny anymore. I guess its just one of those you had to be there things, but it was hilarious to me at the time.

Stay tuned for more Adventures at Central Library... and remember no frolicking allowed.

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