Monday, July 25, 2011

People Watching

Full Disclosure: I used to be ghetto fabulous.... I grew up in East L.A. and my family still lives there. I used to LOOOOVE hip hop, gangsta rap, R&B (still do sorta) and I used to drink Alize (dont' do that anymore). However I had always been a good student and always worked hard and continue to do so. My parents are old school traditional and I guess I inherited some conservative values. Some people think I'm snobby and a prude. I just think I grew up and left my wild child days behind me. I also have strong opinions on what is and is not appropriate for kids. I'm not a parent but sometimes I can't help but be judgemental in regards to what some parents allow their children to do/say/wear... etc.

Yesterday at Dodger Stadium I saw a woman with 3 boys... the oldest one was maybe 12 or 13 at the most... They were each wearing T-shirts that I would think are tacky even on an adult but on children, it is just wrong! One said "want my chorizo?" with the weinerschnitzel W logo. Let me translate, chorizo is like mexican sausage so in essence this is a sexual pun saying to anybody reading the shirt want my sausage?? on a child!! UGH!
The next kid had the burger king logo like two hamburger buns and instead of burger king, said "borracho king" borarcho is spanish for drunk... again on a child~!
The last and youngest boy was wearing a shirt with the heinekin type design and said drunkagain.
Granted, these are all clever and perhaps funny shirts to some and if an adult was wearing them I would think they are tacky, but not inappropriate. That a parent decides to purchase these and allows their children to wear out in public, just makes me wonder what else they are allowed to do and will be allowed to do as they grow older. Its a shame.

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