Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Pup is a Teen... eeekk!

Hello Friends... Today I'm going to share with you the story of how my bestie fur baby came into my life. You see, It was labor day weekend 14, yes 14! years ago.

But wait, first lets back track to 1995, actually make that 94 or earlier. When I was growing up my parents rented. Therefore I couldn't have a dog. I wanted a dog SO SO bad and apparently this encouraged my parents to buy a home, bless their hearts!
I got my first fur baby in 1995. She was fab! She was a Chow/German Shepard mix and I named her Cookie. I was an 8th grader and I thought it was totally original. We were besties, being a pet parent was so fulfilling! We went on walks all the time, I taught her some tricks it was all good. Fast forward 2.5 years and the bitch dies! WTF? Out of nowhere! Its still a mystery to me what happened to her but at the time it was devastating! I was not home when it happened and my parents told me she ran away. I was sure she'd be back and put out her food and water bowls in the front yard and slept in the living room instead of my bedroom anticipating her arrival after a rebellious night away from home.
Well the next day my parents told me the truth and it sucked. I was grieving. I don't remember how long went by maybe a few weeks, definitely no more than 2 months until my new bestie showed up at my house.

Several people who knew of my loss tried giving me another dog. I wasn't ready. Some friends came by one day carrying a little mangy mutt who needed a home. I tried turning them down since I was still grieving. My dad happened to be in the garage and witnessed this, so he came out and said we'd keep her. I protested, but she stayed and of course she grew on me. I have a horrible memory but this super significant day in my life is quite vivid. I'm not sure if it was a Saturday or Sunday but I do remember it was labor day weekend. I was starting my Jr. year in high school and a friend called me to go out. I said no because I was going to stay home with my new pup. I was resistant but maybe I was turning down other dogs because she was meant to be mine.

She is so loving and loyal. I'm so fortunate to have had her in my life for so long and that she is still pretty healthy considering her age. I take good care of her and will do whatever it takes to keep her around for as long as possible. Just looking at her gorgeous face comforts me when I'm sad. When there's fireworks and she's scared I try to comfort her. Some people may think I'm crazy because I rearrange my schedule to take care of her. If my parents leave town I will make sure I'm around. If I plan to leave town I will make sure they are around. I will be out of town this labor day weekend but since I don't know her actual birthday this weekend is very special to me. I'll bring her back a special treat from Chicago.

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  1. Dogs really are pets and it's so hard when you lose them :( That pain lasts for a long time - if not forever. I am so grateful for my dogs and love them so much. When I originally moved into an apt my parents had to keep my dog because she barks too much. I literally felt like I was giving my child up for adoption.