Friday, August 5, 2011

I heart the spa

Greetings all... I haven't written in a while because I hadn't had anything interesting to share

But this weekend I've got something fab to look forward to. I'm a HUGE spa fan, I wish I could afford to go more often but I can't. I've been working alot lately so tomorrow I'm going to treat myself to a facial and "Coppertino Bath Experience" which I'm hoping is like hydrotherapy because I did that once and it was awesome! I'm going to Le Petite Retreat here in LA which claims to be one of the city's best.
It sure does look the part, so I'm hoping to be impressed.

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I'm planning on getting there early and taking my sweet time lounging around to ensure I get the most out of this experience. My skin has been acting up lately so I'm hoping this facial whips it back into shape.

Today however is my precious pup's day to be pampered. I will be dropping her off for a bath at Petsmart after work. She is a regular there and they love her. I love that they love her and she seems to like getting groomed, so I splurge on that regularly.

The rest of my weekend is open and I will see what it brings, perhaps some reading or movie watching or BBQing with the family.

Oh last week was BFs Bday and I didn't buy him anything yet, so maybe we will go shopping for him.

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  1. I've been wanting a spa experience . . . was just talking to one of my good friends who recently got a groupon for a fancy spa, so I'm on the hunt for one as well! Have a blast :)