Monday, August 22, 2011

Funny Man Candy ~ Take 2

Since our gracious host of this linkup beat me to the punch on Paul Rudd, I'm composing a spur of the moment, alternate man candy post.

I decided to keep to the theme of FUNNY man candy because to me, ability to make me laugh trumps boyish good looks any day. Vince Vaughn has been in some great films and actually has appeared in Anchorman just like my original man candy subject Paul Rudd.

My other favorites with Vince include Wedding Crashers (which was on last night and inspired this here post), The Break Up, Fred Claus, Four Christmases and The Dilemma.

Vince Vaughn grew up in Illinois and struggled at the beginning of his acting career in LA, his first movie was Rudy but his breakout role is in Swingers. Eventually he became part of the "Frat Pack" which includes the Wilson brothers, Will Ferrell, and Ben Stiller among other funny guys according to wikipedia...

Anywho... Vaugn dated Jennifer Aniston after they co-starred in The Breakup but eventually Broke Up.

Now he is married with a child and lives in Chicago. Hopefully he has some more funny films in the works.
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  1. Aw you didn't have to re-do your post!! Maybe you can use it next week?

    This alternative is a great choice though :) I totally have a crush on Vince. It's def his humor because he's not really that cute. But he's hilarious!

    Thanks for linking up :)

  2. Another funny guy...gotta love him! =)

  3. Found you through Man Candy and I always love seeing how very similar or different we all are when it comes to our picks. Vince Vaughn is nothing but annoying to me! hahaha :) He talks too much! I think the only real movie I liked him in was in The Breakup haha but I'm excited to see the rest of your picks each week :) A lot of people either love or hate my pick of the week (Hugh Grant) so it is funny seeing our tastes :)